Poker players “Among us”

How playing ‘Among us’ is almost like playing Poker and why it is good for players?!

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Opening the game

Playing the game


  1. Skip voting (It is like ‘fold’)
  2. Vote (betting → either it is ‘call’ or ‘raise’. You do lot of trusting mechanism in discussion chat so that you get to estimate)
  • If a player is sneaking around the corners, you find him more probable to be an impostor
  • If a player is waiting and doing nothing you find him to be waiting to kill.
  • If a player is scouting around the task areas and too busy in roaming and not actually doing a task, you doubt him to be an impostor.
  • If a player reports a dead body and you found him around the same place, you most likely assign him to be an impostor. There are chances you are wrong. But, you still assign the great plausibility to earlier option.
  • If Player A motivates other players to vote for Player B saying he sabotaged, after voting you realized Player B is not actually an impostor, players generally assign Player A to be the actual impostor. The other plausibility is Player A might have mistaken the situation for Player B to be the criminal. But, psychologically, players assign more probability to Player A being an impostor.

Why is all this good for players?



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