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Kishore Mokkapati
2 min readMay 5, 2022


“Experience is no limited to what you see and touch”

As a user, my “Experience” is not limited to what I see and touch but is ultimately “experiencing” it.


? My experince on UBER is not just app and payment.
! But, it is also my ‘experience’ of getting a cab, travelling on UBER, and finally reaching my destination.

  • A large part of this is dependent on how soon one finds CAB.
  • How is the behaviour of the drivers.
  • So, If a user does not find match soon, they’ll hate UBER. They cannot blame the location being far away or peak hours. Because, those issues have no consequence to user’s dissatisfaction.

? My experince on ZOMATO is not just app and payment.
! But, it is also my ‘experience’ of choosing food of my choice, getting food on time, quality & taste of it.

  • Zomato’s experience is dependent also on the “food” made by their cooking partners/hotels.
  • Delivery partners
  • So, If a user hate either of these, you’ll hate ZOMATO

? My experince on AMAZON is not just choosing and paying for it.
! But is is also choosing the best choice, easy payment, delivery and finally using the product

  • Amazon’s experience is dependent also on external factors of “Sellers”.
  • Managing their sellers is important part of their “User Experience”
  • So, If a user is not satified with the delivery, he cannot punish seller, hence he will punish Amazon.

When a Product manager considers UX projects, following are great fit. Though they does not sound conventionally UX projects.

  • An algorithm to find best match for user’s choice.
  • Fair rating of parters in the play and sorting them for user’s preferences.



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