What should a PM do once in every quarter?

A short story of product management!

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  1. What we do not really consider is, influence of the other feature, seasonality if any associated to the feature and change in the user economy due to change in times, etc…(in short cannibalization)
  2. Some of the older features could turn to be obsolete. Or to be specific some earlier user buckets might have progressed to next level and the latest cohorts might not value the feature/solution anymore. (In short, relevancy)
  3. Sometimes, just small changes to older features could make a great impact on the top and bottom lines. (As small as tweaking just the constructs and updating the skins. They are quick wins and possibly big opportunities to trade off for)
  1. This gave me a fresh perspective using which I had to just fix some of them and remove some of them and also identified other big wins on the way which really did not needed much of an effort from team.
  2. I could find how the recent launches we made as a group resulted in cannibalization of other earlier features/solutions and helped us build consensus on how we can achieve better as a group and what to trade off.
  3. Some of the UX which was done years ago saw the light of new revamps and so resulted in great experience across the app.
  • Refer early pitch of the product/feature
  • Look for what metrics were promised/estimated.
  • Check if that was delivered during old times
  • And, Check again the same with existing times.
  • As a practice, take help from experts (Design, Tech and Data) into this process to add more value.
Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do!
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Kishore Mokkapati

I’m a believer in power of games to change the world! Building games for 15 years. Strategy, Product Management, & Economics are my other areas of interest.